The Compassion Corner

I am David H. Breaux and since June 3rd, 2009, I've been standing at the corner of 3rd & C Streets in Davis, California asking people to write their concept of compassion in a notebook. I estimate asking about 20,000 people and receiving over 10,000 responses. I share a couple stories as a starting point to writing blogs for the Charter for Compassion website. Here are two stories that stand out to me, exemplifying what happens at the Compassion Corner:

What is a Compassionate City?

Andrew Himes is executive director of Charter for Compassion International 

One of the most interesting questions I’ve ever heard is now at the very heart of my daily life. At least a dozen times a day, I am prompted—by an email, or a phone call, or a conversation with a friend at my favorite Seattle neighborhood coffee shop—to imagine an even better answer to “What is a Compassionate City?”

No More Steubenvilles: How To Raise Boys to be Kind Men

Article by Kim Simon. What can we do to help young men respect women, recognize consent, and have healthy sexual relationships? Teach them kindness to others—and the courage to go against the crowd.

When Max was just a few months old, I sat cross-legged on the floor with him in a circle of other mothers.  The facilitator for our “Mommy and Me” playgroup would throw a question out to the group, and we would each volley back an answer.


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